Reporting: Pandemic 1918-1920 (Hardcover)

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By Thomas Streissguth (Editor)
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Reporting: Pandemic 1918-1920 offers students and researchers a collection of contemporary newspaper and magazine articles describing the global "Spanish Influenza" pandemic that spread through Europe, the United States and Asia beginning in the final months of World War I. Readers can trace the suspected origins of the deadly strain from an isolated region of Kansas, through and from US military bases, to the battlefields of Europe, and from European ports to the rest of the world. On its terrifying journey through a largely unprepared population, the "Spanish flu" revealed cultural, political and scientific rifts that prevented a coordinated response, and popular resistance to preventive measures that predicted a similar response, and result, for the global coronavirus pandemic that began a century later.

The Archive of American Journalism is an innovative, multi-volume collection of rare, long out-of-print journalism. The Archive's "Reporting" series collects articles around important themes and events in the nation's history. Each article is presented complete and unabridged, as it originally appeared in contemporary newspapers, popular magazines and literary journals. These compilations offer the student, researcher and casual reader a fascinating, street-level view of history, and the keys to a long-neglected treasure trove of American writing.

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ISBN: 9780990713760
ISBN-10: 0990713768
Publisher: Archive LLC
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2020
Pages: 154
Language: English