The Working Womb: How proven placenta science can empower you to conquer pregnancy anguish, triumph over miscarriage, and have a thrivin (Hardcover)

The Working Womb: How proven placenta science can empower you to conquer pregnancy anguish, triumph over miscarriage, and have a thrivin Cover Image
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Of all human embryos conceived in the US, 65% don't survive past four weeks. Of those that do, one in four miscarry.

Society largely turns a blind eye to these shocking numbers ... and to the fact that every year more American women die of cardiovascular disease than from cancer, accidents, Alzheimer's and respiratory diseases combined.

What these topics have in common is the placenta, the organ which is the subject of this eye-opening book.

THE WORKING WOMB brings recurrent miscarriage out of the shadows, presenting a new, placenta-based understanding of pregnancy that challenges conventional pregnancy management, and offering crucial answers to women struggling with the lonely despair of repeat miscarriage or other pregnancy obstacles.

Dr. Kofinas, one of America's leading high-risk pregnancy experts, delivers science-based optimism to mothers at their wits' end. Drawing on thousands of patient files amassed at his New York clinic, he shares true stories of women who were close to believing a successful pregnancy was beyond them. These inspiring, readable, intimate case summaries tell how, with diagnostic and treatment methods based on placenta science, healthy babies were born despite severe pregnancy complications. ("Today my office walls and files are full of photos of their thriving children.")

THE WORKING WOMB confronts our society's widespread ignorance of the placenta's key role in determining pregnancy outcomes, and exposes the disgrace of America's high fetal death rate. In plain language that can be understood by readers with no scientific education, Dr Kofinas explains how fetal deaths, recurrent miscarriage, and women's cardiovascular disease all relate to the placenta. The book is filled with surprising facts that the public and medical practitioners alike should know about how the placenta shapes pregnancy outcomes, as well as human health in the womb, infancy, childhood and adulthood.

THE WORKING WOMB explains what the placenta is, how it's formed, and its profound effects, what it needs to work successfully, how its problems relate to various types of pregnancy failure, and how the timely, responsive monitoring of placenta development can prevent disaster and address womb crises in time to save the pregnancy. The book is aimed primarily at women experiencing or anticipating pregnancy complications, but it will also be invaluable for their families, as well as for physicians, including obstetricians.

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ISBN: 9780982373477
ISBN-10: 0982373473
Publisher: Montagu House
Publication Date: August 10th, 2021
Pages: 344
Language: English