Time Travel in Theory and Practice (Paperback)

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For science to be what it should be, it should be allowed to survive in its own right, untrammeled by ancient dogma. This idea is applied to theories of time and the universe and the toxic idea that there is no free will. We deal particularly with the so-called 'specious present' which is not specious at all as anyone who cares to, can easily discover. This monograph uses modern physics, observational and psychological techniques, virtual reality, and science studies to examine the borderline problems of time and space. We have broken through the psychological barrier of ancient dogma, and we actually catalogue and describe experiences obtained whilst travelling through time, in an acceptable and scientific manner.
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ISBN: 9780957043411
ISBN-10: 0957043414
Publisher: I.F.S. Foundation
Publication Date: November 30th, 2011
Pages: 364
Language: English