Among the Ukrainians (Paperback)

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Largely unknown to outsiders, Ukraine is the largest country entirely within Europe and the richest in natural resources. For centuries considered to be part of Russia, and until recently part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has always been deprived of her own voice. Among the Ukrainians provides that voice. It is a journey to Ukraine's cities and regions - by rail, road, and river - to meet ordinary people who offer extraordinary insights into their lives. Here, you'll experience the purgatory of the bathhouse and the pleasures of the prostitute's bedroom. You'll encounter life at the coalface and in the decrepit hospitals, tour rat-infested submarine facilities and taste wines from the cellars of the Tsars. Along the way you'll unearth the country's rich history. Among the many men and women you'll encounter are those who discovered X-rays and antibiotics, put the first man in space, won the most Olympic medals, designed continental Europe's first computer and the world's first helicopter, and wrote some of the best prose. You will even meet the man who provided the inspiration for the fictional character, "James Bond." Bursting with anecdotes and information not found elsewhere Among the Ukrainians offers a unique insight into a nation under construction. It is your guide to Russia's little brother: a barely known land with a big history and a big heart.
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ISBN: 9780956512901
ISBN-10: 0956512909
Publisher: Laundry Press
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2010
Pages: 318
Language: English