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First paved in the 1920s, Route 66, one of America’s first highways, has been a staple of the American Road Trip through the Great Depression. It was also a major method of the bootlegging operation. Spanning a total of 8 states and stretching from Chicago all the way to the Pacific Ocean, Route 66 was appropriately named the Mother road. An icon of American Folklore, the author will guide you through a slew of old gas stations, restaurants, diners, rest stops, and other attractions. Each must-see vestige is peppered with the history of the area.

This new collection combines author Russ Olsen’s successful Route 66 Lost & Found volumes 1 and 2 and adds more than 50 new sites along the Mother Road not included in the previous editions. In this book, you will journey through the history of the roadside attractions while getting a feel for the amazing sites along the way. All of the sites featured, more than 200 in all, are reordered from Illinois to California to provide a continuous journey along 66. The maps included in the previous two volumes are updated to feature the locations of the new sites included here.

About the Author

Russell Olsen began exploring and photographing Route 66 in 1995. On his first trip down the Mother Road he unexpectedly shot 27 rolls of film. Annual trips followed and in 1998 Olsen set out on his “Lost & Found” project, collecting vintage postcards, photographing Route 66, and publishing the first volume of Route 66 Lost & Found in 2004, and the second volume in 2006. Born and raised in South Chicago, Olsen today lives in North Hollywood, California. His work can be viewed at

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ISBN: 9780760339985
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Publisher: Voyageur Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2011
Pages: 420
Language: English