La vida secreta de los océanos (Earth's Incredible Oceans) (The Magic and Mystery of the Natural World) (Hardcover)

La vida secreta de los océanos (Earth's Incredible Oceans) (The Magic and Mystery of the Natural World) By Jess French Cover Image
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Sumérgete en el increíble mundo de los océanos y los fascinantes animales que viven en ellos.

Nada con medusas resplandecientes, descubre el misterioso fondo marino y conoce los increíbles unicornios marinos.

Tiburones, ballenas, tortugas o extrañas criaturas de las profundidades nadan a través de las páginas de este precioso libro que combina magníficas ilustraciones y fotografías. Los jóvenes lectores conocerán la extraordinaria vida que esconden los océanos y mares de todo el mundo y descubrirán cómo ellos mismos pueden ayudar a cuidarlos.

Un fascinante viaje submarino que muestra los asombrosos océanos, qué plantas y animales viven en ellos y cómo podemos ayudarlos. Conoce detalles asombrosos sobre cómo los animales del océano se divierten, cómo cuidan a sus crías o cómo interactúan entre ellos.


Enter the world of oceans and discover all the interesting animals that live in them!
Swim with jellyfish, wonder at the busy life of a seagrass meadow, and fence with narwhals in this lovingly illustrated children’s book. Take kids on a fascinating underwater journey, showing them just how amazing oceans are, what plants and animals live in them, and how we can help them

Inside the pages of this kids ocean book, you’ll discover:

⃦ Interesting information about oceans that supports and goes beyond the curriculum
⃦ Fun and unusual facts to convey the amazing world of ocean life
⃦ Detailed illustrations and photographs of fish, shellfish, mammals such as dolphins, waves, and more.

Explore a world hidden below the waves. Let's go on an underwater adventure! From glowing jellyfish to deep-sea dwellers, children will discover the incredible secret world of life under the sea. This ocean book is filled with a combination of gorgeous photographs and colorful illustrations that will delight and inspire kids - teaching them the importance of the ocean and how to help take care of it themselves.
They will learn interesting facts, and explanations about how the ocean functions, like how underwater plants and species rely on each other, and how ocean animals have fun and look after their young. This beautiful book is the perfect gift for young animal and conservation enthusiasts.

About the Author

Jess French is a nature lover, TV presenter, author, and qualified vet. She is known for her show on CBeebies, called 'Minibeast Adventure with Jess', which encourages children to explore the outdoors and get to know the bugs around them. She has written two other books for DK, What a Waste, which tackles the subject of sustainability for children, and The Book of Brilliant Bugs, which explores the world of minibeasts. Jess is a keen conservationist and has a passion for oceans and the animal world.
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ISBN: 9780744048650
ISBN-10: 0744048656
Publisher: DK Children
Publication Date: October 26th, 2021
Pages: 80
Language: Spanish
Series: The Magic and Mystery of the Natural World