Two at a Time: Having Twins: The Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth (Paperback)

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"One baby is a miracle. To be given two at once is a gift beyond words."
Two at a Time
If having a child is one of the most joyful -- yet at times maddening -- experiences in life, what's in store for you if you're pregnant with twins? Plenty! Let celebrated actress Jane Seymour and author Pam Novotny -- both mothers of twins -- use their firsthand knowledge to guide you along the road of twin pregnancy and newborn care. In this warm, insightful resource, full of sound advice and personal anecdotes, they'll tell you exactly what you can expect:

  • First trimester: why morning sickness is more prevalent in mothers of twins, and what you can do about it; tests you'll need to take; symptoms you may experience
  • Second trimester: detecting physical changes in your body; mood swings
  • Third trimester: the importance of paying attention to your contractions and keeping track of your blood pressure; why you may need full bed rest
  • Birth: will you have a cesarean or vaginal birth? What you need to do when labor begins
  • After the birth: the challenges of two as opposed to one; juggling your nursing and bonding schedules
  • Life at home: how to prepare for the arrival of two newcomers.

Each chapter includes a handy checklist to keep you organized throughout your pregnancy, advice on keeping your spirits up, suggestions for dressing smart, and a note to dads from James Keach -- Jane's husband -- on how to be supportive and helpful.
A straightforward yet comforting guide to all the overwhelming emotions and physical changes during those amazing months, Two at a Time is a double helping of invaluable advice that will make you fully appreciate the fortune of being twice blessed.

About the Author

Jane Seymour is an acclaimed actress with more than fifty motion pictures and television programs to her credit, including the long-running hit Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Jane lives with her husband, the Hollywood producer, director, and actor James Keach, in Malibu, California. Together they have raised six children: Sean, Katie, Kalin, Jenny, and of course, the twins, Kris and John.
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ISBN: 9780671036782
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Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2002
Pages: 224
Language: English