John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonné: Volume Two: 1975–1986 (Hardcover)

John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonné: Volume Two: 1975–1986 Cover Image
By Patrick Pardo (Editor), Robert Dean (Editor)


The second in a projected four-volume series of the complete catalogue of works by John Baldessari

Compiling four-hundred-plus unique works of art, this volume traces the shifts and developments in conceptual artist John Baldessari’s work from 1975-86. It covers his photo-based works such as the “Strobe,” “Word Chain,” and “Pathetic Fallacy” series from 1975; the “Violent Space” and the seminal “Concerning Diachronic/Synchronic Time: Above, On, Under (With Mermaid),” from 1976; and the “Blasted Allegories” series from 1977-78, which drew heavily from the artist’s vast collection of photo stills taken from commercial television.

In the 1980s, Baldessari’s art took a different direction, beginning with the expansive “Fugitive Essays” triptychs from 1980 and leading to 1982’s photographic interpretations of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Building on these themes, Baldessari began producing a body of work that was inspired in part by dreams, psychology, film, and popular culture. Ensuing works were more formal, elaborate, and large-scale. From 1984 to 1986 Baldessari created a number of works that employed his soon-to-be-signature colored discs painted over people’s faces in the photos.

An introductory essay will provide a close reading of selected works and a historical context for understanding Baldessari’s art from this period. A detailed chronology and exhibition history and bibliography are also included. This is the second of a projected four-volume catalogue raisonné.

About the Author

Patrick Pardo is research editor of the John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonné.


Robert Dean is editorial director of the John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonné.

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ISBN: 9780300198102
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Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication Date: January 28th, 2014
Pages: 496
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