Eat Like a Legend: Delicious, Super Easy Recipes to Perform at Your Peak (Hardcover)

Eat Like a Legend: Delicious, Super Easy Recipes to Perform at Your Peak By Dan Churchill Cover Image
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From chef, athlete, and performance coach Dan Churchill, a cutting-edge cookbook filled with protein-packed, healthy recipes for fueling up, feeling right, and living like a legend.

We are not all super athletes, but we all perform in one way or another, every single day. Whether we’re training for a marathon, smashing that big presentation, or chasing after kids, we need energy and focus for a healthy mind and body. To be our best, we need to feel our best, and what we eat makes the difference.

Dan Churchill, The Healthy Chef, has spent more than a decade coaching high performers—everyone from professional hockey greats to famously fit celebrities like Chris Hemsworth or Lindsay Vonn to 100-mile runners—to be “legendary eaters.” Churchill’s philosophy and methods are simple—ditch the complicated science of performance nutrition and focus on five fundamental values: Eat good. Eat easy. Eat more. Eat deliberately. Eat special.

Written in his fun and friendly voice, Eat Like a Legend provides recipes for food you can actually cook—food that’s packed with fiber, nutrients, and other good stuff calibrated to enhance focus, determination, gut health, muscle mass, and endurance, no matter what you do. In this lifestyle cookbook, Churchill gathers the best of the best food with simple, step-by-step instructions—the tastiest dishes in his repertoire that will provide the energy you need to perform in your daily life, including:

  • Acai Bowls (That Are Actually Good For You)
  • Chicken Alfredo You Can Eat Every Day
  • Crispy Sticky Salmon on Sesame Greens
  • One-Skillet Apple Pie
  • Sexy Tofu Scramble with Avo-Dill Salsa
  • Legendary Baked Ziti with a Kale Pesto
  • Game-Day (and Work-Day) Shrimp Tikka Masala
  • Pad Thai in a Flash with Sunny-Side Up Eggs
  • Gooiest Brownies Ever (You’ll Never Guess How)

All of these recipes go from pantry and fridge to plate quickly and Churchill includes tips for when to eat them relative to exercise for optimum health. Many of the recipes are interactive, featuring a QR code which can be scanned to instantly drop you into his studio kitchen, where he prepares the meal at hand and answers common questions about the ingredients and cooking method.

Featuring dozens of full color photographs, Eat Like a Legend is balanced, delicious, accessible nutrition for everyone.

About the Author

Born on the beaches of Sydney, Dan Churchill is a New York City-based performance chef and author with a Masters in Exercise Science. He is known for colorful cooking designed to be easy, inexpensive, and highly nutritious, as well as his dedication to fitness and human performance. He currently owns and operates the production company The Epic Table, and the podcast of the same name.

Praise For…

“Dan is the nutrition and fitness expert we need right now. A full-package exaltation of high-octane positivity, rare culinary acumen, and impressive athleticism, it's Dan's welcoming spirit and authentic enthusiasm for all things well-being that makes chasing goals suddenly feel not just possible, but actually fun—a pied piper I'll follow wherever he leads. In Eat Like A Legend, Dan shares the best of himself while decoding performance nutrition with all the flavorful recipes and lifestyle guidance you need to thrive—and become a legend yourself.”
RICH ROLL, bestselling author of Finding Ultra and host of The Rich Roll Podcast

“Dan is a great friend who knows how to fill any room with his positive attitude. His incredible personality shines through in his food, too, which is filled with creativity and sustains and fuels a busy lifestyle.”

NICK DIGIOVANNI, New York Times bestselling author of Knife Drop

 "A legend himself, there's no chef who can teach us more about eating for performance than Dan Churchill. His recipes are simple, effective and most importantly delicious. If you're wanting to eat like an athlete, grab yourself a copy today." — CARLEIGH BODRUG, New York Times Bestselling Author of PlantYou 

“I love Dan. But I love his food better. And this book delivers both.”
DEVON LEVESQUE, co-founder of Promix Nutrition

“Elevate your performance and feed your gut bugs with Dan Churchill's 'Eat Like A Legend.' Packed with simple, delicious, and nutrient-dense recipes, this cookbook is your key to a healthier, energized lifestyle. Perfect for anyone looking to fuel their body like a champion, each dish is a blend of taste and vitality.” — WILL BULSIEWICZ, New York Times bestselling author of Fiber Fueled

"Dan sees the superhuman potential in each of us, whether we’re everyday athletes, parents, busy professionals, or, yes, elite competitors. … The ultimate coach, you can feel his passion … each of his dishes is packed with healthy, life-giving ingredients, so you know every bite will help you win your morning, your day and in life."  — LIZ PLOSSER, Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health. 

“As someone who has built a business around nutrition and as an athlete, I know the impact eating the right foods has on your performance. Dan is a friend first, but he is also someone I absolutely trust when it comes to performance based cooking and nutrition. His ability to never compromise on flavor, whilst still highlighting the wholesome performance benefits of certain ingredients is what sets him apart. It is no wonder he has worked with some of the most well-known faces in the game and like me he focuses on eating for performance over eating for aesthetic” — NICK BARE, Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition

"Dan has an immaculate ability to bring the infectious joy he has for life, fitness and wellness directly into the flavors of his food. His deep knowledge of nutrition ensures he crafts powerhouse meals without compromising an inch on taste.” — KENDALL TOOLE, Creator, Peloton Instructor, and Mental Health Advocate

“Whatever the food choices that work best for you, Dan Churchill is a master of making your nutrition delicious.”
CHRIS ASHENDEN, founder of Athletic Greens AG1

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