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Ultra Materials: How Materials Innovation Is Changing the World

Ultra Materials: How Materials Innovation Is Changing the World


  • Format: Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson
  • Published: November 2007
  • ISBN-10: 0500513821
  • ISBN-13: 9780500513828

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Smart substances, intelligent interfaces, and sensory surfaces are redefining the world we live in, from self-cleaning materials based on the surface morphology of a lotus leaf to outdoor pavilions made from inflatable membrane exteriors to temperature-regulated clothing. The people at Material ConneXion are uniquely placed to explain these developments: the context and key tools for innovation, including biomimicry, nanotechnology, and sustainability; the application of new materials in interior, fashion, textiles, product, and vehicle design; where current developments are leading, along with the implications for educators, professionals, and society as a whole. The book includes a classified presentation of the four hundred most recent significant materials; a directory of designers, design conferences, trade shows, and professional organizations; and details of degree programs, grants, scholarships, internships, research labs, and competitions.

The single most significant influence on today's manmade environment: materials innovation. Here is an indispensable resource for interior, product, graphic, and fashion designers, and anyone involved with packaging, design, or architecture.