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Art Cuba: The New Generation

Art Cuba: The New Generation


  • Format: Hardcover
  • 174 pages
  • Publisher: ABRAMS
  • Published: April 2001
  • ISBN-10: 0810957337
  • ISBN-13: 9780810957336

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The art scene in Cuba is thriving as never before. Young, politically active artists are stretching the limits of creative freedom and, as tourism to Cuba continues to increase, making their mark in the international art world. Coming at a time when Americans' interest in the country and its art is at a peak, this is the first major survey to show the wide range of art coming out of Cuba today. Overflowing with illustrations -- including 100 colorplates -- Art Cuba presents exciting new works, most produced in the past five years, by more than 60 artists. The mediums extend from oil on canvas, pen and ink, watercolor, lithography, and mosaic to photography, sculpture, embroidery, and performance art. The essays examine the changes in Cuban art in the decades since the Revolution and the new directions it is taking today. This comprehensive look at Cuban art today is an important addition to the literature on contemporary art.