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American Costume 1915-1970: A Source Book for the Stage Costumer

American Costume 1915-1970: A Source Book for the Stage Costumer


  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Publisher: Indiana University Press
  • Published: August 1989
  • ISBN-10: 0253205433
  • ISBN-13: 9780253205438

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Shirley Miles O'Donnol provides both illustrations and writtendescriptions of styles worn in everyday life and suggests ways of adapting them tostage use. Her animated and informative text gives an overview of social trends aswell as insight into the fashions themselves. Since women's fashions change morefrequently and more radically than men's, the chapters follow the eras in women'sapparel: 'The First World War,' 'The Flaming Twenties,' 'The Depressed Thirties,''The Second World War,' 'The Postwar Era and the 'New Look, '' 'The Late Fifties: Dawn of the Space Age,' and 'The Sixties: Unisex andMiniskirts.' Lavishly illustrated with original drawings by theauthor, photographs of costumes now in museum collections, and drawings andphotographs taken from fashion magazines spanning more than fifty years, AmericanCostume, 1915-1970 is a practical -- and entertaining -- handbook for the stagecostumer.